General Conditions – All Tickets

  1. No outside Colour is permitted
  2. No outside food is permitted
  3. Kids require adult supervision at all times
  4. Please be mindful of others while playing with Holi Colour Powder.
  5. Non-toxic, skin-friendly corn-starch-based colours used – Caution advised for individuals with corn allergies
  6. You Must Leave the venue as per the timeslot on your ticket
  7. No Passouts Allowed (Except VIP ALL-DAY ACCESS PASS)
  8. Early Bird Ticket Holders (Free or Paid) – If you fail to Show-up/check into the event by 12pm on the day mentioned on your ticket, your ticket will be Null & Void.
  9. We have zero tolerance for antisocial behaviour, disorderly conduct and any abuse of our team members, performers, and vendors.
  10. Intoxicated people will be escorted out of the premises and permanently banned from all future events.
  11. It is solely the responsibility of the ticket holders to pickup any pre-paid items that are included as part of their ticket. Pre-paid/included items like Thandai, Colour Packets, T-shirts, and Drink Vouchers MUST be picked up by the attendees at the time of check-in on the day of the event. Failing to do so will consider these items redeemed and the event organisers will bear no responsibility for such redemptions after the event has passed.
  12. No Refunds or Changes – Please select your tickets carefully as there will be no possibility of refunds after the ticket is purchased.

Free Entry – Ticket Conditions

  1. FREE TICKETS allow 1 x FREE SESSION per person to enter the event strictly within and as per the times written on the tickets – Please select carefully.
  2. People booking multiple FREE sessions will get all their all tickets cancelled without notice, and be denied entry to the event on the day. Please be aware that there may be some wait times associated with holders of this Free Entry Ticket.
  3. No Passouts are allowed on this ticket.

Holi After Dark Ticket Conditions

Tickets to Holi-After-Dark only give you access to this event. If you want to attend any Day Sessions, you’ll need to register for a separate ticket. Upon Entry, Bag-check and security, make sure you receive

  1. 1 x Packet of Special Glow in the Dark Colours
  2. 1 x Official Holi T-shirt
  3. 1 x Thandai Welcome Drink

VIP Pass Conditions

Your VIP ALL-DAY ACCESS PASS gets you a separate, dedicated, zero-wait entry to the event – Look for the VIP PASS ENTRY sign. Upon Entry, Bag-check and security, make sure you receive

  1. 1 x Welcome Drink
  2. 1 x Colour Packet
  3. 1 x Official Holi T-shirt

The VIP Pass is non-transferable and allows pass-throughs from the start of the event till the Holi-After Dark session begins.